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Major Patina: ’64 MGB

64 MGB

British sports cars like the MGB or Triumph TR-4 were very popular, well priced cars enthusiasts flocked to in droves. They were inexpensive, fairly reliable and plentiful. Boneyards are littered with the remains of formerly cherished objects of one’s affection. 64 MGB engSo when we find one that has not suffered, we think it is a big deal and very Mint-worthy. We have a 2-owner, 37,000 mile original pull-handle roadster in factory black with red leather interior. And it is the original interior with black piping and patina in spades. The engine compartment, although a bit untidy, will clean-up well and reveal the original hose clamps aficionados cherish. I know, it is just a hose clamp but trust us when we say a hose clamp is not just a hose clamp to some folks. Like many low mileage cars, by their very nature, sit for long periods of time. That means differed maintenance and other issues. The seller states that he has got it running and it is safe to drive and in fact, it drives nicely. We observe the front end sitting a bit higher than we like and that should be looked into. It doesn’t look cool. Contact the seller quickly because he is only asking $8,000. Click Here.


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