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These cars were posted on eBay but…

1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal

Our readers and editors scour the internet looking for great cars. We found this Alfa Romeo Montreal on eBay and got pretty excited. We also found a Zagato Double Bubble that we featured in our article How To Photograph Cars.

Fiat Abarth Double Bubble

Courtesy of Mike Dean, Mike Dean Photography. all rights reserved

So we put a little work into both listings but there was one thing that bothered us about both – the lack of any details about the offerings. Not even a chassis number. That negative feeling was confirmed at the end of the day. Both cars were pulled off eBay. And we don’t think they were sold. Maybe the legitimate sellers realized they needed to do more and will list the cars again? But we suspect they were bogus. So be careful and if it looks too good to be true, be wary.

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