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Another famous Karmann: ’62 Porsche 356 90 Notchback

62 Porsche Notchback

In 1961, Porsche farmed out the production of its 356 cars to the Karmann Works of Karmann Ghia fame. Karmann already made 356 Cabriolet bodies as well as regular 356 Coupes. Porsche created a hardtop coupe from its Cabriolet line of cars to help bolster sales. The first of these cars in a T5 body style was in fact a Cabriolet body with the addition of a hard top welded in place. 62 Porsche NotchbackThe 1962 T6s  were very different in that the new T6 notchback coupe body did not start out as a cabriolet, but with its own design — sort of part cabriolet, part T6 coupe and unique hard top. Both years of these cars have taken the name “Karmann Notchback”. Nearly 1750 of these unique cars were made over two years’ production and like all 356s, are quite desirable. We have been told the Karmann Notchbacks are slightly more aerodynamic than the fastback Coupes. Who knew? The seller of this very nice looking silver exterior with blue inside T6 doesn’t provide much detail in the listing. From the tag on the twin-grille rear deck it appears to be a 90 and that engine produces 90hp. All we know is $72,000 will make this T6 yours. And that puts it in range of Hagerty’s valuation for a #2 specimen. Click here to contact the seller.62 Porsche Notchback

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