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Ole Blue: ’71 Land Rover Series IIA 88″

Land Rover Series IIA

There is no secret that we love a good 4X4. Our tastes run the full range from British to Japanese and even American. We had the good fortune of finding a home for another Series II just last month and perhaps we can work the same magic again with this one. Today’s Landie is a completely rebuilt truck with all of the tough-guy bits. When you go through the parts list, you too might notice that the manufacturer of said part has a really tough sounding name. Land Rover Series IIAFor example: Rocky Mountain Parabolic Springs, Military Spring Shackles, Land Rover Wolf Wheels. The only exception is the Fairey overdrive and locking hubs. Well at least there is an e in Fairey. The last Series II we helped place was located in the Pacific Northwest. So now we bring you Easterners the opportunity to step-up and get a Landie. And remember, all Landie’s have names and you are tempting fate if you attempt to change that name. And that is why our dear friends here in Connecticut will continue to call their  Armageddon-proof Landie, Irene. It should be Godzilla but Irene it will stay. Click here to take you to the eBay Auction.Land Rover Series IIA

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