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A real Saint: ’67 Volvo P1800S

67 Volvo P1800S

We love the Volvo P1800S and there are legions of new admirers snapping up the best ones. We found this California car on Craigslist and it looks and sounds like the real deal. But even the best one of the “unrestored” P1800S out there can have lots of needs. 67 Volvo P1800SThey are prone to rust in all the usual places and some exterior trim pieces are getting increasingly harder to find. But the mechanics are robust and can literarily last as long as you want them to. Enter our friend and Mint fan, Irv Gordon who will reach the 3 million mile mark in a few months with his ’66 P1800S. The price the seller is asking is pretty generous but then again if it is as good as it looks it might be the one to chase. Contact the seller by clicking here.67 Volvo P1800S


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