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Patina Preserved: ’52 Chrysler Town & Country

52 Chrysler Town & Country

When a Town & Country is either restored or in good original condition it is a thing of beauty. We aren’t talking Pebble Beach beautiful but rather a really neat example of the state of the American auto industry of the 1950s. The Town & Country was Chrysler’s most expensive model back then. The interiors were beautiful with lots of tough grained vinyl, real wood and bright chrome trim. 52 Chrysler Town & Country The engines were among the first Fireball Hemis and it provided just enough scoot to keep this big car moving forward. We had one of these a few months ago and it was sitting on a trailer having been recently rescued from a long slumber. Today’s T&C is in Venice, California and it is somewhat unique in that the worn-through paint has been preserved with a clear coat. We kind of like that strategy for this one because it would be hugely expensive to put right. Our Mint friend and intrepid car spotter, Tony B. actually laid eyes on this one. He said it looked pretty much like it does in the photos. Perhaps not for the faint of heart. Tony B. also owns one of the nicest T&C wagons we’ve ever seen. hrdp_1104_02_o+the_derelict_1952_chrysler_town_country+front_viewThere is a company out west called ICON4X4 that turns these cars and others like it into perfectly useable daily drivers for extroverts while leaving the exterior pretty much untouched. Back to this ’52…you’ve only got a day left to decide if you want it so click here and go to the eBay auction.52 Chrysler Town & Country

One Response to Patina Preserved: ’52 Chrysler Town & Country

  1. Wayne Graefen says:

    Is this really what we want the future of the old car hobby to be in the eyes of the public: “old wrecks going down the road” ? Surely the legislators and soccer mom’s are going to want them BANNED due to nothing more than their appearance as safety menaces on the roads.
    People are paying too much during this patina CRAZE, with very good originals selling for less.

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