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A real lightweight: ’60 Lotus Elite Coventry Climax

'60 Lotus Elite Coventry Climax

This is what we love about Mint. We get to see some amazing cars and write about them. Many cars don’t require much research and others, like this Lotus, are a pleasure to study and write about. The Elite was conceived with competition in mind.  Colin Chapman wanted class wins at Le Mans and other international events. The Elite featured a fiberglass monocoque body tub, independent suspension, and four-wheel disc brakes. Its engine was the 4-cylinder Coventry-Climax FWE, a single-overhead-cam unit of 1,216 cc producing 75 hp, with an MG A gearbox unit. The body, penned by Peter Kirwan-Taylor and aerodynamicist Frank Costin, didn’t devote much time or effort in driver comfort, but sought really low drag coefficients that helped produce 112 mph top speeds. '60 Lotus Elite Coventry Climax'60 Lotus Elite Coventry ClimaxThis is a Series II car that has improved rear suspension and the front suspension maintained conventional wishbones. We don’t see these often and what we have learned is auction prices are lagging a bit behind sales between buyer/seller. But like any car of this caliber, it is all about the quality of the restoration and the “P-word” – provenance. And today’s find submitted by ace Mint car-finder Mike M., has both in spades. If you start out life in sunny California and you are an English sportscar, you have a better chance of survival. And today’s Lotus was lucky to start out life in LA (I guess that’s lucky). The seller has completed a painstaking restoration without missing any of the details. It has all of the little things like an original jack, tools, Thor hammer and owner’s/shop manuals. It has a Buy It Now at $140,000 and frankly, that’s a ton of money but if it is as nice as we think it is and it is truly a #1 car, then the money is well spent. They don’t make them like this anymore. Go to the Auction by clicking here.'60 Lotus Elite Coventry Climax

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