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1-Family Owned: ’30 Ford Model A

930 Ford Model A

The seller’s Great Grandfather bought the Ford new back in 1930. Great Grandfather may have chipped a tooth on a gear in the transmission and just parked the sedan a long, long time ago. Enter the seller, who rescued the Ford from a long slumber. 930 Ford Model AA significant amount of work was done to get it back into reliable working order. Of course, the transmission was rebuilt, all new wiring harness, conversion to 12V, new fuel pump & carb plus electronic ignition. What Great Grandson did not do is wash the car. He has just cleaned the windshield as required for safe driving and that is it. So this must be one of the few original owner, original condition early Fords out there. And when you consider how many millions were built, that’s pretty cool.  It’s an eBay auction and you can get to it by clicking here.930 Ford Model A

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