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Hot Chevy. Really Hot: ’73 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

73 Chevy Camaro Z28

We found a good one wearing a Chevrolet bow-tie. 1970-73 Camaro Z28s may be the best all-around Z28s ever built. Camaro kept its 108-inch wheelbase, but underwent a complete styling change with a new coupe body that was an instant classic. The Z28 package cost a paltry $573, mostly for a new engine. Trans Am racing now allowed de-stroking to achieve 305-cid, so the Z28 used the Corvette’s 350-cid LT1 V-8 as its sole power-plant. 73 Chevy Camaro Z28A timeless small block, the LT1 had solid lifters, a hot cam, big valves, aluminum pistons, 11.0:1 compression, and a 780-cfm Holley 4-pot. It was rated at 370 bhp in the Corvette and 360 in the Z28. 73 Chevy Camaro Z28All ’73 Camaros were good handlers and the Z28, with firmer underpinnings and sticky Polyglas F60xl5s, was a world-class road car. Hood and deck-lid striping, black grille, and seven-inch-wide mag-type steel wheels with polished lugs were part of the package. A rear spoiler was standard, but the air-induction hood was dropped. Car and Driver called the ’70 “an automobile of uncommon merit… a car of brilliant performance….”. Now is your chance to snap a really great ’73 up while you can. This car has all of the Z28 equipment as it did when it left the factory. It has 35,000 miles and still has the original Polyglas tires. We don’t recommend you drive on them but keep them. It helped this one win a Legends Award with a nearly perfect score. If you like the color combination like we do, take a run at this one. Click here for a link to the listing.

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