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Very Cool: ’77 Volkswagen Bus

77 Volkswagen Bus

We’ve been featuring quite a few VW buses and for the most part, they have all been what is known in the VW World as Split-Window buses. And they are known by that because the front windshield is actually in 2 pieces. Some even open up on hinges to let the air in while you speed along at 50 mph or so. This bus is from the next generation of Type 2 buses. They are significantly more civilized, larger and more powerful. 70 Volkswagen Bus A:C 77 Volkswagen BusIf the split-window is for Hippies then this version is for maturing Hippies maybe with kids and a real job. What is very cool about this bus is that it has dealer-installed factory air conditioning and it works. Back in the day, all VWs that were air-conditioned were either port installed or dealer installed. It didn’t make much difference and the option wouldn’t show up on a Certificate of Authenticity if there were such a program. Further more, this bus has just 40,000 miles! A baby in a great color combination, what more can you ask for? These later buses were Bosch fuel-injected so they should maintain VWs legendary reliability reputation. The seller states that the seats were redone in the proper material and the A/C compressor was replaced with a modern Sanyo unit that is much more efficient. It is in Atlanta and the asking price is $19,500 including the roof rack! Have a look for yourself by clicking here.

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