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What a jewel: ’74 Triumph TR6

74 Triumph TR 6

Almost everyone who likes sports cars likes the Triumph TR6. The Michelotti designed body has aged well and remains quite handsome. They were quite successful and sold very well here in the states. 76 Triumph TR 6Today, TR6s are popular recreational sports cars. What we see very frequently are spent TR6s either in red or green that have been treated to a rattle can restoration and presented as fully restored. That is the fate of many high volume sports cars. But that also does not diminish their desirability. You just have to persist until you find the right one. We found the right one. It looks gorgeous in Sapphire Blue with blue interior and it is a refreshing break from British Racing Green. But what really separates this one from all others is the optional hardtop and the rare and desirable over-drive transmission. Wrap that in a car with 66,000 miles and it is worthy of a second look. This is an eBay auction and you can see more photos by clicking here.
74 Triumph TR 6

One Response to What a jewel: ’74 Triumph TR6

  1. Brian says:

    This particular car passed through my hands awhile back. It is refreshingly quite original and in good fettle. I hope it finds a sympathetic, enthusiastic home.

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