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That bucking Bronco: ’66 Ford Bronco

66 Ford Bronco

The Bronco was conceived by Ford product manager Donald N. Frey and General Manager, Lee Iacocca, who pushed it into production. The same duo was responsible for bringing the Mustang to market. They must have been pretty busy guys.In some ways, the Bronco is more “all new” than the Mustang, from an engineers perspective that is. The Mustang created a whole new category of cars – Pony Cars. But it was based on an existing platform: the Falcon. 66 Ford BroncoThe Bronco was new from the bottom up. These early Broncos are probably second only to the Toyota FJ40 for collectible 4X4s. You may comment about this statement because we are confident there are many Land Rover fans that will disagree. Early Broncos were pretty disposable and many have ended up in the bone-yard or customized into some rock-crawling behemoth. So it is nice to see what one looked like well preserved since 1966. This is one of those early cars. The motor is a 170 c.i six-cylinder with only 83,000 miles and it was the only motor available for the early 1966 Broncos. The transmission is a 3 speed on the column. Seats are original material in excellent condition and were only available for 1966 in this color. Other parts exclusive to 1966 that are included on this truck are hubcaps, tail lights without back-up lights, transfer case shifter knob, door & window handles, forward mounted rear shocks & squared off bumpers. We like the look of this one ready for a ride on the beach or out on the south forty. Consider bidding on this one by clicking here.66 Ford Bronco


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