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The whole truth: ’48 Packard Custom Roadster


This is one outrageous Packard! Based on the not terribly popular bathtub Packard design, this Roadster is the lifelong dream of its creator, John Rudolph. Not the John Rudolph, NPR radio producer of Feet in Two Worlds, but the John Rudolph who is a Packard fanatic. It was created as part of the California Custom movement according to someone intimately familiar with the car. 48-Packard-RoadsterBack in 2010, it needed some fine tuning particularly related to the Supercharger which baffled local mechanics. Regardless of its pedigree, it is one stunning and impressive motorcar. But it isn’t a Packard Factory prototype that the current seller implies ever so gingerly. When you read the listing for the Packard, the first few paragraphs refer to its potential as a real prototype. In the lengthy second paragraph he refers to the California Custom movement. Go figure. It has been in a museum for some time and probably needs a lot to get it to be a decent, reliable driver. But we are sure it is a significant car worthy of some serious money. After all, how much would it cost to build one from scratch today? The trouble is what is it worth? An eBay auction doesn’t seem the right place for it and it has been offered by a few dealers over the years at much more money than the current $125,000 asking price. We think if the seller really wants to move on, get it sorted and consign it to one of the best auction houses. Our hats off to Venice, California based Mint Scout, Tony B. for the heads up. See it here on eBay by clicking here.48-Packard-Roadster

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