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Did you ever wonder how to start a Type 43 Supercharged Bugatti?

We have. Truthfully, we are not that skilled at driving or caring for cars with more than an ignition key, fuel pump switch and a push button. The starting procedure for a vintage Ferrari like a Lusso, is a wonderful thing – key on, fuel pump on (to fill the carbs), engage the starter, then vroom. If you are in a hurry, you can make up the time after you start driving. We wrote a story about a Bugatti Royale and had to do some research about how you would start a car like that. But it isn’t as complicated as the starting procedure for a Type 43 Supercharged Bugatti – the cover car of the Bonham’s Greenwich auction catalogue. Just the other day, we limped into Auto Turismo Sport to get some brackets welded onto our Merc 230S as we get it ready for Greenwich Concours. Our gearshift linkage gave up a few hundred feet from their driveway so I just coasted in and parked it. While Steve and the guys looked for a suitable bushing replacement (they actually had a replacement. I love these guys), I spied the cover car in the shop sitting between a Lotus and a Daytona. Steve said it was in for a carb adjustment before the auction. We found this starting procedure instruction sheet on the front seat and it unlocked the mystery of how to start a Supercharged Bugatti.Starting A Bugatti

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