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Honor Memorial Day: 1956 M38A1 CDN3 MILITARY JEEP WITH MATCHING 1952 M100 TRAILER


We thought we would honor Memorial Day by offering a veteran of the Armed Forces. This Jeep has been treated to a 2-year restoration. It is a  Korean War period military Jeep and trailer, and it is now time to find a new home. Purchased from a local Washington State collector, this Jeep found its way from Nova Scotia, where it lived its military life on Canadian Nato base. $T2eC16J,!ykE9s7twBh8BRlojRzRkw~~_4$(KGrHqIOKo8FGKL,7oYzBRlojr665g~~_4Built in Toledo Ohio in 1956 and transferred to civilian duty in 1970, the M38a1 ushered in the new “round-fender” Jeep era that would eventually become the CJ-5. The M38a1 was the replacement for the M38. This Jeep is a four-wheel vehicle with both a front and rear driving axle. Designed for use as a general purpose personnel or cargo carrier, the vehicle is readily adaptable for reconnaisance, communications or other special duties. It was the first Jeep to drop the flat fenders for a more rounded, aerodynamic look. Because of this it is easily distinguishable from the earlier Jeep models. The M38a1 was quite different than the CJ-5, having a stronger chassis, reversed front spring shackles, and the military accouterments such as standardized GI instruments a 24 volt electrical system. All of the original data plates, serial number plate and markings have been retained for authenticity. We like this one because it was restored to reflect its original purpose and yet still be fun to take to car shows. But there will always be that certain something about a vehicle designed to support our troops in battle. Hats off to this one and you can click here to bid on it.$T2eC16NHJGQFFh5IKHDRBRlog3NVEQ~~_4

One Response to Honor Memorial Day: 1956 M38A1 CDN3 MILITARY JEEP WITH MATCHING 1952 M100 TRAILER

  1. Rich Harding says:

    Wow! Awesome M38A1 and M100 trailer! I just finished a 1955 Willys M38A1 restoration and I have to say that you did a wonderful job!


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