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Mercedes Benz 230S Rally Tribute Progress

The Colonel at Fielkds 2 sm

It is never done. You learn that early on in the hobby.  You can never really say you are done when you are re-commissioning an old car – in our case 48 years old. There will always be something you either have to do or must do. Last week we replaced a clutch master cylinder and the week before, the gear shift lever linkage and tomorrow, a heater core shut-off valve. But for all intents and purposes, The Colonel is back to health and is a blast to drive. The only item not yet working is the windsheild washer system. The wipers wipe but we need to clean out the fluid lines and do some fiddling. However, we even managed to get the small stuff up and running – the clock, the Becker Grand Prix, the interior lights, the glove box light, the cigar lighter and even the trunk light all function like 1967. All of the new equipment we added with the help of John Rogers works great. We await our graphics package from Ghi Signs and we will be ready for the Greenwich Concours on June 2nd. That’s next Sunday and the weather prediction is sunny and around 90 degrees. Oh my. If you plan on attending, stop by and say hello.

2 Responses to Mercedes Benz 230S Rally Tribute Progress

  1. Tom McHugh says:

    I realize this is a really old post, but I just found it.
    I have a 1968 250SE that has skid plates front to rear, no marker lights (despite it having a ’68 title) and a floor shift 4 speed. I’ve had the car for ~20+ years. I recently found out these skid plates aren’t standard equipment. Would you know anything about the possibility that this is a special option or a factory rally car? Any other info anyone might have on this topic would interest me.

    • mint2me says:

      Hey thanks for the note. I began a search for factory skid plates years ago and gave up. Or better said, I don’t really need them. What I learned is that they were an option, possibly in all markets, but specifically in markets with lots of bad roads. If your car is a Euro spec car, it may have been delivered to South Africa for example. A factory 4-speed floor shift is cool and a no cost option on my 230S. Not sure about 250Ss.

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