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Giugiaro’s Alfa: ’86 Alfa Romeo GTV6

86 Alfa Romeo GTV6

Motor magazines have quoted the Busso V-6 engine as one of the best sounding engines ever. The British Classic & Sportscar noted it as “The best sounding engine, this side of a Maserati V-8”. If you’ve ever heard one at full chat, it is a very cool sound. We really like these Alfas after years of not really liking the way they look. But the Giugiaro design is now appreciated and has become pretty neat to look at. If you look carefully, you’ll notice some details that were first deployed in the Montreal like the scallops over the headlights and the tail light cluster. Alfa Romeo GTV6Today’s offering came from fellow Alfa Club member Michael B.. This is a well documented original GTV6, previously owned by Andy Reid of Classic Motorsport Magazine. See Andy’’s comments in a recent CMM article he wrote. Said to be the last or one of the last GTV6 imported to USA;  while the seller cannot prove that, he has yet to see a higher VIN number. The car’s condition considering its age is quite impressive. Interior is beautiful with no dash cracks, factory cloth seats impeccable, original paint is beautifully preserved”. From what we can tell from the detailed photos Michael supplied, you’ll get no argument from us! The list of recent maintenance and replaced parts is impressive. It even has A/C although as he states, it might need a micro-switch to get 100% effective. If you have been looking for or are interested in getting into an Italian GT, you should begin a dialogue with Dr. Mike at  or by phone at 404-845-4713.86 Alfa Romeo GTV6

3 Responses to Giugiaro’s Alfa: ’86 Alfa Romeo GTV6

  1. MMallory says:

    Are the pin stripped velour seats on you car
    restored? I have them in my 1985 Alfa GTV6 but they are faded and and I would love to get them back to their original color. Any ideas? Thanks

    • mint2me says:

      Lucky for you, the seller (who probably already sold this Alfa) gave us his email address and phone. I suggest you give him a shout. Dr. Mike at or by phone at 404-845-4713.

  2. Andy Reid says:

    I did indeed own this car and it was when I had it a very original, completely rust free example and mechanically just about perfect, even the A/C. I never have made the claim that this was the last or even one of the last GRV 6 2.5 cars built, just that it was a very late car. This car has previously been advertised as the last car built without any documentation to that effect so be VERY wary of that claim.

    That being said, it is a very nice original GTV 6, one of the nicest examples I have seen. I drove it from Chicago to Monterey and back and made the trip with no issues whatsoever.

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