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2013 Greenwich Concours

We hoped we could give you a thorough report of the Greenwich Concours since we were fortunate enough to be selected to be on the lawn with all of these wonderful cars. But we were kept so busy by all of the fans of our ’67 Mercedes-Benz Rally Tribute, that became impossible. So what we do have is a series of photographs of some of the cars we were able to see. We did fire up the dash-cam for a peek at what we experienced getting onto the lawn and getting off the lawn. We did manage some other footage of cars as we walked around the park. Here is a brief video of what we experienced from inside the Merc.

Ford GT40 PrototypeWe see that there is a Ford GT40 in the ring with all of the Mercedes-Benz automobiles. It is an important historic car that represents one of the best American racing stories. This one is for our avid Mint reader, Vince Conti. We know he can’t wait for his daily fix. The short version goes like this. Read More


Is it a jewel or a jalopy? Ian and Kim Lomax will help answer that question.


The Buick Riviera pictured looks pretty darn good. The seller represents it as rust-free and show quality. Read on.

When we first started to think about Mint2Me – before it even had a name, we thought about ways to differentiate ourselves from other sites like ours. What came to mind almost immediately is a way to match up prospective buyers with an enthusiast local to the car under consideration. The enthusiasts would volunteer, or at a minimal charge, put a set of knowledgable eyes on the car to determine whether or not the seller should invest more time and effort or move on. It seemed like a great idea but too much of a challenge for us to embark on. Then we ran into Ian and Kim Lomax on the Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board. Ian and Kim had the same idea and they have been working on a database of knowledgeable inspectors for the past 2 years. The name of their service is Jewel or Jalopy at Inspectors can verify the details in the ad, take photos of the car, check for damage, take the vehicle for a test drive and report back to you. Read More