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Is it a jewel or a jalopy? Ian and Kim Lomax will help answer that question.


The Buick Riviera pictured looks pretty darn good. The seller represents it as rust-free and show quality. Read on.

When we first started to think about Mint2Me – before it even had a name, we thought about ways to differentiate ourselves from other sites like ours. What came to mind almost immediately is a way to match up prospective buyers with an enthusiast local to the car under consideration. The enthusiasts would volunteer, or at a minimal charge, put a set of knowledgable eyes on the car to determine whether or not the seller should invest more time and effort or move on. It seemed like a great idea but too much of a challenge for us to embark on. Then we ran into Ian and Kim Lomax on the Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board. Ian and Kim had the same idea and they have been working on a database of knowledgeable inspectors for the past 2 years. The name of their service is Jewel or Jalopy at Inspectors can verify the details in the ad, take photos of the car, check for damage, take the vehicle for a test drive and report back to you. Jewel or Jalopy inspectors range from enthusiasts who have owned or maintained a specific type of car and know the key areas to inspect, to certified mechanics who have experience with a variety of marques. The one thing inspectors have in common – they are all car enthusiasts. Jewel or Jalopy has hundreds of experienced car enthusiasts all over the country waiting to inspect your next car. On their website, you can search for an inspector and contact them directly, or post a pre-purchase inspection request that is emailed to all inspectors who live near the vehicle.  You then choose the inspector that has the experience you need.

Mint will help you find the car you are looking for but don’t pull the trigger until you have enlisted the aid of an inspector from Jewel or Jalopy’s database. Click here for the website.

Now back to the Riviera. Here are a few detail shots photographed by a disappointed buyer who, when they took delivery of the Riviera, found more than a few surprises.Jewel or Jalopy 4Jewel or Jalopy 2Jewel oe Jalopy 1

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