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Rally Time: ’64 Ford Falcon Sprint

Ford Falcon Sprint

Ford’s Total Performance mantra of the 60s didn’t confine itself to conquering LeMans to vanquish Ferrari. Although Henry was so ticked off at Enzo, it was certainly a priority. When the racing folks at Dearborn decided to rally race, they selected the Falcon to carry the banner. Fortunately Henry Ford was not peeved at Paddy Hopkirk (rally champ) so the rally assault wasn’t as visceral as LeMans. thFord Falcon SprintLater years, Mustangs were called to do their part but they were basically Falcons dressed nicely anyway. The Falcon they based the effort on was called the Sprint. It had the fashionable fastback styling that all cool Ford’s of the day had. And for the most part they were white. So when you see a white, 4-speed Falcon Sprint with a big V-8, we scream rally car! Today’s find, courtesy of Frank K., is cloaked in Wimbledon White with red bucket seats and a nice console. Rally cars didn’t have consoles back then but today, where would we put our morning Starbucks? Today’s Sprint is an original 4-speed car with a breathed-upon 302ci V-8 and a 9-inch rear. The wheels are nice but they are the first to go if we bought it. Black Steelies rule here. The asking price is $12,950 and if it checks out you won’t need much more to get it rally ready. Click here to contact the seller.Ford Falcon Sprint

5 Responses to Rally Time: ’64 Ford Falcon Sprint

  1. Joe says:

    Did you own it? I purchased it from Edison, Ga. I live in southern In. Joe

  2. Joe says:

    I had to go thru the brakes, rearend, new gears, trutrac, strange axles, went thru transmission, someone put a ford toploader in place of the T10 which was a good thing, I went thru it also, I plan on going thru engine this fall. Sure would like to know who had it and talk to them. Joe

  3. Joe says:

    I ended up with this car, would like to find some more information out about it.

    • mint2me says:

      I don’t know how to help. The post and records leading up to my listing are long gone. Curious about what you did with it…

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