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3 Responses to Floatation Device: ’58 Mercedes-Benz 220 Coupe

  1. OldWorldShepherds says:

    I have heard about costs in the $1,500 range but Customs & Port fees notwithstanding, cost to my buyer was nearly $4,000 – that said I am pretty sure the car did not go in a shared container, and I agree some savings can be had there. Part of my guy’s issue is the car also had to be ground transported inland, (Switzerland) but most of that cost supported the actual shipping.

    After checking out this dealer’s websight it is plausable this car is sorted and ready to go, seems like what they would typically do (nice site) – I am not sure the car supports the asking price on his site but it is a clean example. I have seen decent private party examples under $30K and unrestored examples at less than half that. Will be an education for me to track this one as my interest in Pontons is growing…

  2. Brian P says:

    Actually $1300 to Rotterdam, Germany or England is very achievable in a shared 40′ container. Customs & port fees will be add’l of course. This car will do way more than $25k (my humble prediction).

  3. OldWorldShepherds says:

    Great looking car, hope to add one to my small MB stable someday, more unique than a sedan but still a fraction of the open version in terms of cost. While it is a dealer ad, I believe, having shipped a car oversees about a year ago, his shipping prices are a bit optomistic. A plus is that it seems to be up and running based on the description, although I would still plan on some time and expense to sort. Current high bid of $25K surely seems fair all around assuming no major sorting needed.

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