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Avorio: ’69 Alfa Romeo 1750 Boat Tail Spider

Alfa Romeo Spider

You’ll notice I refrained from calling this stunning restoration a Duetto. Although they share the same boat tail body prized by Alfisti, the factory never called this one a Duetto. It is a 1750 Spider. Whatever you call it, the seller has done a magnificent job restoring it to better than new condition. The listing is so well detailed it instills confidence and that is probably why the auction is going so well. 69 Alfa Romeo IntWe recently had a newer Spider in out fleet in the same color Ivory or Avorio and they are quite beautiful and a refreshing change from red. Another reason to like this car is the seller’s determination to keep the difficult SPICA system. His mechanic told him to. We don’t know who the mechanic is but we like him. Yes, the SPICA is difficult to setup but when you get it right it is pretty darn good. Every detail in the restoration process is well thought out. All the correct stickers were sourced and placed in the proper location. And there is a radio blanking plate and that warms our heart too. So many Spiders have had modern radios shoehorned into the dash making quite a mess. You can’t hear anything in a Spider with the top down anyway. If you ever wanted a new Alfa Romeo Spider years ago, your chance has just arrived. Go to the eBay auction by clicking here.Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider

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