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Another Josey Wales: ’78 Porsche 911SC Outlaw

78 Porsche Outlaw

Outlaw seems an outlandish category of custom vehicles until you realize it pertains to Porsches. There isn’t a more enthusiastic cult of owners than Porsche owners. Now for a sweeping generalization – most of them are slaves to originality. By using “most” we hope not to receive thousands of hate comments. So if an owner goes off the reservation by modifying his/her Porsche, they refer to the result as an Outlaw. Clarification: it doesn’t mean if someone hangs a pair of fuzzy dice on the rear view mirror. We are talking about making it look bad. James Dean bad. 78 Porsche OutlawWe had a highly modified Carrera yesterday but it adhered to Porsche traditions so it is not an Outlaw. Today’s Porsche is on the most-wanted list. It started off as a ’78 911 SC Coupe. The interior of the car was trimmed down to the bare essentials. Bare in the most literal sense; two new seats, new RS carpets, RS carbon fiber door panels and a dash elegantly wrapped in alcantara. The minimalist touches are just as prevalent on the exterior of the car. The styling is pure Porsche cloaked in matt silver with orange wheels and accents. The lack of bumpers and trim mimic the interior perfectly. The eBay listing will fill you in on the mechanical upgrades but here I can tell you the 3.0 engine was built by a firm called Rennsport using proven performance mods. It should fly because it looks like it standing still. Click here for the eBay listing. I think the seller will be happy with $30,000.78 Porsche Outlaw

6 Responses to Another Josey Wales: ’78 Porsche 911SC Outlaw

  1. Dale christensen says:

    Where can I look for the center exit dual exhaust system??

    • mint2me says:

      It is very cool but frankly, I haven’t a clue. Maybe you can contact Singer or Magnus Walker – two of the most accomplished Outlaw builders. They will be sure to know. Good luck.

    • Werks 11 says:

      That was built by me from a factory muffler and using the factory RSR modification diagrams. You can contact me through the Werks 11 website for more information.

  2. Werks 11 says:

    Since this article, I have completed two others you may be interested in. A ’69 outlaw and a ’76 backdate.

  3. Werks 11 says:

    Glad you liked our build; wait til you see what’s next………

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