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8 Responses to Tuscan Sky: ’87 Range Rover Classic

  1. Jack says:

    Sure, I would welcome any good leads. I saw the white car you had last week but it was sold by the time I was able to contact the seller. You can contact me at the email address on my registration. (I assume you have access to that).



  2. Jack says:

    Ian…..Is that your web site? I had no idea it existed. I’m searching for the best available 560SL, and when I find it I’ll definitely consider your company.


    • mint2me says:

      We come across 560SLs all of the time. In fact we just placed an ’89 Silver 560SL with 34,000 mile. All original. We had a white one last week. Let me know if we can help.

    • Jack, yes that’s our company. We have a newsletter signup right on the top of the homepage if you’d like to sign up. We send 1-2 newsletters a month, so we won’t fill your inbox, but it will help you remember to come back when you need us.

      I do believe Mint2Me has a car finder service, you should talk to them.

      Good luck with your hunt! I love the SL’s, but haven’t had one. Yet.

  3. Jon – sorry to hear about your issues, but thanks for warning others!

    If anybody wants someone to check this one out we have a few inspectors with Land Rover experience in SoCal.

    Good luck!

  4. Jack says:

    Did you buy yhe Eastnor green one that was discussed on that other site? I ask because that one was “done-up” similarly to this one. My 1989 RR has been with me since 1992. I’ve been considering finding someone to “remanufacture” it (vs. restore it) s I still love to drive it.

  5. Jon says:

    Beware, I purchased a car from this same seller last year, claims he made about repairs were not quite accurate. Also, he has a tendancy to purchase the cheapest after market parts, his “new” alternator had to be replaced in 800 miles, his “new” steering box not properly torqued, came loose, and leaks. Know being replaced with a factory unit. Other more significant claims have turned out to be false.  I still love my Rover but so far I’ve invested an additional $5000.00 in further repairs.  Also understand, if the brakes haven’t been rebuilt most likely they will need to be. Plan on up to $4,000. For that alone.
    There is a very hard to get brake system presureizer pump, $1,800.,
    That is a key part to any rebuild.

    • mint2me says:

      Wow, what a story and thanks for alerting our readers. I don’t know if you had a PPI or if one would of turned up the issues you faced. Our rally Mercedes has cost us a ton too. The seller said “just get in and drive it”. We did – about a quarter of mile before the fuel system choked.

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