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French Fried Potato: ’70 Citroen DS21

71 Citroen DS21Before you go thinking we are crazy and what the heck does a Citroen have to do with a potato, here is the scoop. First, we have done 503 of these and we are running low on creativity. Second, the Citroen, a rather glorious one, is in Boise, Idaho. Idaho is known for their potatoes and Citroens are of course, French. We usually avoid featuring a car with poor photos but there was a charming picture of the owner standing next to it obviously very proud of his DS. This one looks great and we have a good feeling about it. Here’s why. 71 Citroen DS21DS21s have this cool feature – the headlights swivel and follow where the wheels are pointed. So many of these don’t work and people just give up and swap them out for standard lights. This one has the proper swiveling lights. So a detail like that signals possibilities. The seller has done a ton of work including timing chains, electronic ignition and a new clutch. The engine compartment has been detailed and the block was painted. It is virtually rust-free. It has a neat period Blaupunkt Oslo that works. And the best part is (besides the suspension working), it is a 4-speed manual. What a potentially great and comfortable event car that would be most welcome everywhere. If you buy it and travel, to Boise, let us know. We have a great place for the best French Fries. The asking price is $17,900. Click here for the sellers eBay listing.

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