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Dotology: ’69 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

69 Mercedes Bnez 280SL

We don’t know where Brian finds these amazing SLs and I am sure if we asked he wouldn’t tell us. OMG is this car stunning. Some folks say brown cars are unsellable. Oh really? Look at this car and tell me if it isn’t stunning. You can see from the few pictures we post that this car is the real deal. It has everything a good Pagoda should have including those curious headlight “notches” that almost always go away when a car is refinished by someone who does not know or care.



A NotchNotches are good. Now what the hell is “Dotology”? We are getting pretty deep into the weeds but you should know this. When cars are made, workers leave marks after they have completed their task successfully. This helps inspectors down the line know that everything is done correctly. The marks or “dots” in this case, wear away with time. Restorers add them back however original cars still have them. That is the science of Dotology and this car has dots everywhere it should.   intThis SL is a 1-family owned car from California that still sports some rare original parts too like the firewall pad and some of the rubber Metzler hoses. Knowing Brian and his techs, everything works as it should and will for a long time. He is asking $67,500 for it and we have to tell you, we were shocked it wasn’t more. Yes, you can buy Pagoda SLs for less with decent drivers in the $40-50 thousand range. This is way above that. Contact Motoring Investments by clicking here. Tons more photos to help you get your checkbook out fast.Mercedes Benz 280SL

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