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Updated: ’72 Volvo 1800E

72 Volvo 1800E

This Volvo 1800E is very hot. But not inside where it is very cold should you elect to turn on the A/C. Not just any A/C but a super modern, built for Florida A/C. Volvo P1800s are on fire lately. After decades in the shadows, enthusiasts have recognized the charm of these Swedish GT cars. Perhaps you’ve seen Volvo’s most recent summer sales campaign featuring Irv Gordon and his ’66 P1800. Irv is scheduled to cement his Guinness Book of Records position by ticking over 3 million miles sometime in September in Alaska. Don’t ask him why they picked Alaska other than it is the only state he hasn’t visited in the Volvo. 72 Volvo 1800E72 Volvo 1800EToday’s find, aside from having a great A/C system, is a 3-owner car in a not too common Cypress Green. It has been in a collection and the owner spares no expensive getting his cars just the way they should be – his way. And since he knows what he is doing, his way is the pretty smart way. The car has been lowered using IPD lowering springs and sway bars. There is no hint of body roll during spirited drives. The owner selected a rare set of ATS five-spoke sport alloy wheels that are next to impossible to find. The transmission has recently been rebuilt by well-respected KTR Racing with a new clutch installed as well. The engine has been rebuilt recently with lightweight pistons, mild cam, ceramic coated header, oversized valves, adjustable D-Jet computer and a 123ignition system, not only is it incredibly reliable but it’s also quick. The dash, door panels and carpets are all original and in remarkable condition. The seats with frames, cushions, springs and all chrome trim have just been rebuilt and finished with top quality black leather. We love the amber Marchal fog lights too. Get an 1800 before they climb out of sight. Contact Mark Starr at (914) 217-4817 for pricing and more details.

72 Volvo 1800E

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