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4 Responses to Call Us Crazy: ’85 Mercedes-Benz 300CD Turbo Diesel Coupe

  1. Don Birnkrant says:

    What a beauty. To bad it’s a California car. I have one. I would never own another 1985 California Mercedes Turbo Diesel. That damn Trap is nothning but a power robber. And consequently they don’t get near the MPG that the Federal model get. I’m luckyh to get 18, or 19 MPG on a flat road, with a tail wind. California is the only state that insisted on the Trap. All the service parts are much more expensive than a non-California 85. The air cleaner filter alone is $70.00, as opposed to $20.00 for a federal 85 model Mercedes Turbo Diesel.

  2. Tom Fenig says:

    Virtually any color except green

  3. Tom Fenig says:

    Interested in a near mint MB 300D, cash in hand for right car. Tom -704-363-7551

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