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The Dead Guy Car


We didn’t find any great cars that spoke to us today. Partly because we were at Lime Rock Park part of the day while the Ferrari Challenge races scheduled for Saturday came together. But we’ve been pondering a throw-away line from Jerry Seinfeld. In Jerry’s 2nd season of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, available online, Jerry describes the ’73 Porsche Carrera RS he picked Meyers up in, as a dead guy car. Seinfeld says about the RS, “this car doesn’t change hands without somebody dying.” Jerry bought it from a dead guy and he’ll be dead before he let’s it go to the next owner. Funny, yet spot on.

There are some cars that are just perfect for you. It cannot be improved. You never want to be without it. Unfortunately for us mortals without syndication money (Jerry earned that), life gets in the way. Some cars become College Tuition cars. Others, New Kitchen cars. Life sucks when that happens. Seeing your ’65 Mustang 289 Hi-Po Fastback’s tail lights go over the curb is a sobering sight. If you haven’t seen any episode of Comedians yada, yada, yada, see this one. But there are others that are worthwhile too. The Letterman episode happened a few miles from Mint Headquarters at one of our favorite lunchtime eateries. Our favorite is the Mel Brooks episode. Not because of the car, a Rolls, but because of the unexpected visit to Carl Reiner’s home. Touching and funny. If you need a convenient link to Jerry’s website, this is it.


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