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“White Rabbit, White Rabbit”: The Morgan Motor Company

White Rabbit, White Rabbit has absolutely nothing to do with the Morgan Motor Company. It is a traditional way of welcoming in the new month – if you say it in the morning of the 1st day before you utter any other word that is. It’s really old school – like The Morgan Motor Company.

Morgan Trike

2013 Morgan 3 Wheeler, Super Dry Edition

We will always feature a Mintworthy Morgan when they come available. And we always try and dispel any falsehoods on how these classic cars were built. Well they are built pretty much the same way then as now – in a gravity run factory and entirely by hand. We came across a neat video that is basically a factory tour and interview with Charles Morgan. It takes some time to get through so have a full cup of coffee and be prepared for the desperate urge to buy a pair of backless driving gloves and a tweed cap (worn backwards like Samuel L. Jackson). Morgans are traditional but they are very cool.

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