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A Nice Car: ’77 Mercedes-Benz 450SL

77 Mercedes Benz 450SL

Mercedes-Benz always made beautiful, well made cars with convertible tops. The really early cars were virtually hand-built. Later cars became more mass-produced but still had that incredible build quality that made you think it was hand-built. We are big fans of these low volume cars like the 220S Coupe/Cabriolet, the 190SL, the Pagodas and the big Coupes and Cabriolets of the late 60s early 70s. The next generation cars are refered to as W107s and they are the second longest running model in Mercedes-Benz history. So will they be very collectible? 77 Mercedes Benz 450SLProbably not. But you can’t deny that they provide a lot of enjoyment to those who want a quality classic sporty car. There are literally hundreds of these available everyday so why did we think this one is so Mintworthy? These cars are known for their longevity so when you find one with only 47,000 miles on it, you have a shot at getting a car that might last you for many years to come. And we like the color combination with those lipstick red leather seats. It is difficult to tell if they are original but they should be with this mileage. They do appear to be M-B material with their signature textured center sections. The seller says the price is $14,900 and that would probably represent the absolute top of the W107 market. If you like white and red, if the hard top is included (we didn’t see it or read about it), then maybe it is worth a look. Click here for the eBay listing.77 Mercedes Benz 450SL

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