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Survivor: ’68 AMC AMX

1968 AMC AMX

American Motors has always been an afterthought in the industry and we think that is a bit unfair. With limited resources and lots of creativity, they came up with some interesting and bold cars. We didn’t have much respect for the AMX back in the day either. Yes, it had a capable 390ci engine but it looked like they tried to make something out of nothing. We think differently now. Absence makes the heart grow fonder works here.The Javelin and AMX were created to compete with the Mustang and help American Motors survive to fight another day. It worked. 1968 AMC AMXThe Javelin sold well in its 1st year and the shortened AMX did pretty well too. We were drawn to an AMX when a reader, thanks Arthur B., sent us an old road test video he found on YouTube. Today’s featured AMX is a rust-free, original 2-seater AMC AMX. Dash plaque #5731. The seller says it is original throughout – paint, interior, drivetrain, etc etc. The AMX is an unrestored 63,000 mile survivor. 390cid automatic transmission , ‘GO – Package” (Positraction, front discs, stripes, etc), AM 8-track radio, tilt steering wheel and yes, air conditioning. Sports Car Market Price Guide has these going for up to $30,000 for a really perfect car. They add 20% for a 390cid, 15% for Go-Package. Oh and then they deduct 20% for an automatic. That leaves you still up from $30 Gs by 15%. What do you add for originality? We think plenty. The seller is asking $23,000 so go have some fun. Contact the seller by clicking here. If you have time, check out this cool historic road test video.1968 AMC AMX



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