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Former Barn Resident: ’66 Land Rover

66 Land Rover

This 109″ Station Wagon, NADA specification, the Rover Motor Company of North America Ltd, South San Francisco, CA, imported #140 out of 811, and it arrived at San Francisco in 1966. The NADA 109s were the first production Land Rovers to have not only a key-starter, but had a single wiper motor and purpose-built heater system.
66 Land RoverIn addition, the NADA also had heated a windscreen for adverse conditions. Under the bonnet was a 2.6L Rover engine with 10.5:1 CR and Westlake re-designed cylinderhead to increase performance, it was highest horse powered Land Rover for some time. The NADAs are a rarity and appreciated by Landie aficionados. There is even a registry dedicated to keeping track of the survivors. This NADA #140 has undergone a thorough restoration with many photographs supporting the detailed work. Like all restorations, the seller probably suffers a bit of a loss and the buyer benefits. The seller is asking $40,000 to start the auction. We don’t know the strategy but when someone starts that high the first bid might be the reserve. We don’t know what a restored NADA is worth. This is one of those grey areas in the vintage car marketplace. If you really want it you’ll pay the price. If no one wants to pay the price, it remains unsold. The market speaks. Visit the eBay auction by clicking here.66 Land Rover



2 Responses to Former Barn Resident: ’66 Land Rover

  1. Can’t edit my own comment… this is a $100K Land Rover! Seen price on new Range Rover lately? lol….

  2. This is funny to find the Land Rover we built and advertised for the owner to be on your page and then you guys trying to figure out the $40,000 opening bid. Let me say this, You’re way off! This is a near $100 Land Rover! This is what it costs to restore a vehicle to this condition from it’s barn-found condition. These are race as Hens Teeth now, as only 811 NADA 6-cyl’s were built and shipped to North America. Even LRUK engineers who say it said, ” you build better Land Rover’s than we do.” The “seller won’t suffer” as it won’t be given away, all it’ll do is increase in value as time goes on, so it’s an investment in motoring history! If you want a genuine 1966 NADA 109 this is the best one on earth… Period.

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