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Well done: ’71 MGB Event-ready

1971 MGB Race car

We can be really brief with this one. The seller’s eBay listing does a fine job of describing the immaculate preparation effort lavished on this solid, good-looking MGB. It is said to be event ready and it looks like it. If you are new to TSD rallies or any track events, you might look too good for skill level. But that’s okay for us. The modifications are well thought out and the quality of the parts seem to us to be top-notch. We love the plexiglass headlight covers and the safety hood latches. 71 MGB intThey didn’t leave safety out of the build including a strong roll cage, fuel-cell and seatbelt/harness system. It even comes with a factory hardtop for that rally prepared look. The wheel choice is excellent too. We didn’t like the kiddie towels thrown over the license plates to cover the plate number. It detracted from the photos so much we just edited it out. We encourage the seller to get a basic photo editing app ASAP. The body isn’t perfect but after a few hundred miles on the dusty back roads, no one will notice. The seller has a Buy It Now at $17,000 and that doesn’t sound too off the mark. Click here for the seller’s eBay listing.

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