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Found at Lime Rock Park Race Track: ’60 MGA Racer

1960 MGA

What’s not to love about this MGA. It has been at least 4 different colors and it is originally Old English White. If you stripped off the paint it would probably shed 50 pounds. The car has just been unearthed by our friends at Oxford Motor Cars and it is oozing with patina and has some interesting provenance. The MGA came from a garage racer who campaigned a few MGA Twin-Cams. When each Twin-Cam broke they put the good stuff on this 1600. MGA ARcerIt even has a set of rare Dunlop racing wheels. I was with our frequent contributor Mike Marciano and we both agreed on what to do with this one. Get it running perfectly (it does run), correct some of the wiring, replace the fuel and brake lines then make sure nothing falls off the car. That’s it. If you restored it, it would be just another MGA. When we asked the price, Jake just said “make us an offer.” Contact me directly if you are interested and I’ll put you in touch with the General Manager. He’ll be at the track all weekend. My cell is (203) 417-6856.1960 MGA

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