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DNS: Radnor Hunt Rally Results


We are happy to report out trusty Mint2Me Mercedes transported us safely to the mainline of Philadelphia without incident. Perhaps the last-minute oil change performed by Auto Turismo Sport helped?  We were so wrapped up in building the Mercedes, we sort of forgot the only oil change we did was back in December when we first acquired the car. And who knows how long it had been before that. We called Steve at ATS in the morning and he was able to squeeze us in. The oil was black so it was a good move on our part. roadWe found a nice cruising sweet spot at around 65mph and without traffic, managed almost 17mpg. Now on to the rally report. Unfortunately nothing to report. As soon as we pulled in the driveway of The Radnor Hunt Club, my navigator felt a sharp pain in her lower back. We were sidelined by a 2 millimeter kidney stone. So we spent the morning in Paoli Hospital. The Navigator is fine now and we look forward to smooth sailing in the Concours tomorrow. BTW, kudos to the staff at Paoli Hospital. It is a beautiful facility staffed by caring and talented people. We wish everyone could experience care like we had.radnor

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  1. L.K. says:

    Exciting turn of events. Speedy recovery to your navigator. Keep the updates coming. And good luck !

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