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Rare Sighting: ’77 Toyota Corona Station Wagon

77 Toyota Corona Wagon

Okay, if it weren’t a station wagon, it wouldn’t be here. Vintage station wagons are just fun cars to have. You know you always need something to haul around stuff on occasion but not frequently enough to buy a new Mercedes-Benz E350. So why not get a cool wagon with that period Japanese funky styling. Don’t expect an invitation to Pebble Beach but we lost to a ’58 Fiat 1100 station wagon at Sunday in the Park at Lime Rock Historic weekend so there is hope. This one is a 74,000 rust-free car that is used as the current owner’s daily driver. And why not. You can be creative and make this one look really cool. Give it the same treatment we suggested for the Volvo. Okay so it doesn’t have a manual transmission but why not relax and go for the ride. It looks pretty decent and I don’t think it will sell for a lot of money. Click here for the eBay auction. 77 Toyota Corona Wagon

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