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Green Giant: ’71 GMC Suburban 2WD

1971 GMC SuburbanSome of us need a Suburban, maybe even a heavy-duty 2500 version. We owned one once and going away for a 2-week road trip can max out all of the space. The 2500 version is a very capable heavy-duty vehicle and probably has a huge towing capacity. Now this one we found on Craigslist is out of the ordinary. It looks great in metallic green and the interior is said to be new. 1971 GMC Suburban intThe seller states that he has invested a significant amount of money in it making it a reliable cruiser for those family road trips. You will need to address the A/C system since it is not working reliably at this time. It is a 2WD version so if you are looking to drive on the roads less traveled you might consider a 4WD version. Since it has been restored to a pretty high standard the seller feels $16,995 is what he needs to cut it loose. Contact the seller by clicking here.

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