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One Response to Very Fly: ’77 Ferrari 308GTB

  1. Norm Marshall says:

    I’m a car guy and very much enjoy receiving your Mint 2 Me emails daily. I live in Laguna Beach, California. The local online news service is “Stu News”; recently SN published the attached photo (it’s of surprisingly good quality for a photo they think is circa 1954).

    It seems no one has been able to identify the 12 cars Stu claims are prominent. Maybe your subscribers can? The photo when viewed on the URL listed blows up well. Thought this might be something you might enjoy.

    Keep up the good work.

    Norm Marshall
    818-406-4575 mobile

    FYI — Most residents of Laguna use this Stu News and there are MANY car people in Laguna; aside from a fun challenge to your subscribers, you may pick up some new subscribers to Mint 2 Me.

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