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Irv made it!

Our old friend and frequent Mint reader, Irv Gordon, has completed his journey to surpass the 3 million mile mark in his ’66 Volvo 1800S. I can remember when he came to our house for dinner when the kids were little. Irv hadn’t hit a measly million back then. But he had his sights on it. I attended the Million Mile event at Tavern On The Green. It was carefully orchestrated. Irv had to drive around in circles in the parking area until it clicked over. I’m happy for Irv not so much for the 3 million but for all the great people he influenced with his charm and wit. Well maybe not so much on the wit. People have calculated how many times around the earth or trips to the moon 3 million miles represents. I want to know how many waffles at Waffle House it took. Click on the image to go to the Hemmings coverage.ku-bigpic

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