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Clash of the Titans: Rush, the movie.


If you read the reviews of Ron Howard’s new movie, Rush, it is universal; you don’t have to be a fan of motor racing to be enthralled with this movie. We are to congratulate Mr. Howard for avoiding all of the clichés of previous efforts to bring motor racing to the big screen. Yes, I love watching LeMans with Steve McQueen and occasionally, I enjoy revisiting Grand Prix with an all-star cast including real legends of the Grand Prix circuit. Other efforts have been less successful although I haven’t seen Winning in a long time and I do love Paul Newman.  I did some YouTube diving today and found a really well done BBC documentary series featuring the 1976 Grand Prix season titled Clash of the Titans. It features interviews from Lauda, Formula 1 team managers and other surviving racers except for the deceased Mr. Hunt who died of a heart attack in bed at the age of 45. You decide if you want a refresher on that incredible season of racing before or after seeing the movie. Click on the image to go to the documentary…

Click on this image to go to the BBC Documentary

Click on this image to go to the BBC Documentary

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