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Back on eBay today: ’66 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300ti

1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia

This is a rare opportunity to buy what appears to be a really decent Alfa Romeo sedan. These are amazingly fun to drive and extremely rewarding to drive. This is a car that when you pull it into the garage, you want to back out and drive some more. The “ti” nomenclature referred to a class of Italian sedan car racing known as “Turismo Internazionale”. The 1300ti motor was a 105 series engine, basically that of the sportier GT1300 Junior Coupe with a five-speed gearbox. If you consider this Alfa and have plans to drop a 2000cc engine in it, please look elsewhere. 1966 Alfa Romeo GiuliaThe 1300cc engine is a jewel and although down on power, it demands your attention and is very willing to try its best to satisfy. We owned a GT1300 Junior and loved the sound of the engine at high rpms. You will too. The seller seems to have addressed all of the parts that typically need refurbishment including the seats. The seats are a bear to do so you should be pleased this task is done. With new suspension, exhaust, some seals and new tires, you could jump in and drive this right out of the box. The big weakness in many Alfas is the second gear synchro and the seller states this one shifts like butter. If he is correct, you will enjoy shifting and you better, you’ll be doing a lot of it. One last thing, we love French Blue and red. Thanks to Mike M. for getting this to us. We would be a buyer near the asking price of $17,500. Click here for the eBay auction.1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia

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