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Cadillac’s cousin: ’57 Ford Thunderbird

1957 Ford Thunderbird

Let’s get right to explaining the title. The same designer, Frank Hershey, who created the tailfin for the ’48 Cadillac Series 62, was on the team that designed the original Ford Thunderbird. So we took the liberty to assigning the “cousin” status to the Thunderbird.  Of course that is where the similarity ends. This Thunderbird, the first personal luxury car, was quite different than the Cadillac. The Thunderbird was a direct response to Chevy’s Corvette and when it was introduced in ’55 it clobbered the ‘Vette in sales. Our featured ’57 Thunderbird is said to be unrestored and in original condition. And of course, it is pink. 1957 Ford Thunderbird 1957 Ford Thunderbird Long before Barbie, pink was a popular color for luxury cars back in the ’50s. We would prefer a different color for our ‘Bird but there is no denying the extraordinary condition of this pink car. It has the Continental Kit that was desinged originally for the ’56 T-bird to increase trunk space. But that caused a series of handling problems so the ’57 was made larger making the Kit unnecessary. But Kit lovers couldn’t be stopped so we have many of them appearing on these last year 2-seaters. Other than the condition and the color, there isn’t anything extraordinary about the car. It was born with the standard engine and 2-speed automatic and not the rare supercharged or twin-carb versions known as E or F codes. A nice Thunderbird driver like this one can be had somewhere in the $30,000 to $40,000 range. Click here for the eBay Auction.1957 Ford Thunderbird

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  1. Fred Roses says:

    Whenver I see a bright pink high-end car I think of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Mary Kay has been using pink cars as sales awards for years and years. These days they’ve toned the pink shade a little but the tradition lives on. I doubt they were awarding cars in the mid 50’s but this one would’ve made some lipstick seller very happy back in the day. Me, not so much.

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