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Champagne anyone?: ’68 Porsche 912 Soft-window Targa

68 Porsche 912 Soft Targa

It seems everyday we can find a really nice or exceptional early Porsche 912. The pre-1969 editions have a shorter wheelbase than later cars and are known for their “lively” handling characteristics. Lively is a polite description. When the Targa was released in 1967, it came with these soft rear windows. Removing it provides a near convertible-like experience. 68 Porsche 912 Soft Targa68 Porsche 912 Soft TargaOur featured 912 is a 1968 model with a soft rear window. That’s significant because Porsche offered a fixed rear window as a no-cost option. According to the seller, only 66 were built with the soft window. But the kings of rarity are the handful of 1969 912s with the soft window. Maybe as few as 7 if memory serves us correctly. Today’s featured car is in a special order color, a holdover from 356 production, color code 16153 Champagne Yellow. What a sweet looking Porsche. This particular year suffers from mandatory side marker lights but that isn’t a deal breaker for us. The interior is in pretty good nick and sports a period Blaupunkt and a factory wood steering wheel – all in working order too. The exterior had one repaint in the original color and shows pretty well. Not concours but very presentable. remember, one chip or ding makes it driver quality in concours circles. The seller is in California and has a knack for finding exceptional cars. The prices are a bit exceptional too but we are confident that, unlike congress, everything is negotiable. The ask is $51,000 and that is a bit pricey today. But will it be next year? We will probably kick ourselves a year from now for not buying it. Click here to contact the seller.68 Porsche 912 Soft Targa

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