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One of the last: ’75 Alfa Romeo GTV

1975 Alfa Romeo GTV

We know there aren’t any ’75 GTV 2000s but according to Alfa Romeo Storica, this one was built in June 1975 for the USA Market. We know it doesn’t make sense. Alfa Romeo made ’75 GTV 2000s for the European market sporting Dellorto carbs instead of the SPICA system. So we thought this might be a Euro car imported. But you can’t argue with Marco Fazio at Alfa telling us it is a USA market car. The seller says it is in concours condition although further down in the listing he states the paint isn’t. But who cares. This is a great driving car and concours is not really a dynamic activity anyway. You want to drive this one in events or just out for a fun ride. The color combination is a pleasant relief from the more common red or silver. 1975 Alfa Romeo GTVThe interior looks great and it is said to run well although through a set of Webers and not the original SPICA as mentioned earlier. It is air-conditioned too. The Campagnolo Wheels are a nice change and fairly rare. This is one of the most beautifully designed later model coupes ever to grace our shores. Click here for the eBay listing.

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