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Bavarian Creme: ’73 BMW 3.0 CS

BMW 3.0 CSWe are entitled to our opinions. We get that. That is why we have a Comments section at the end of each post. So when we say the E 9 Coupes are one of the most beautiful Coupes around, you won’t yell and call us morons. But how could you disagree? A long front hood, elegant cabin and a short rear deck are the hallmarks of a great design. Back in the olden days, you had really fast horses up front and just enough space for the driver and a friend. Nothing has changed much. We rest our case. DSC_0043The other great thing about E 9s in particular is how easy they are to be modified to suit. And that is the case with this one. A screaming race engine – a 3.7 liter engine built by respected racing engine builder Rebello Racing, 5-speed, sun roof, and original Alpina wheels. This E9 has had the power steering and air conditioning removed so you know it is a serious bad boy Bimmer. With all of the performance mods on this one, the CSL-style air dam and bumper delete make sense. Do your due diligence. Be skeptical about rust and this and that but we think you’ll find it solid. From the description and the images it looks like an E9 you want to know more about. It is here in Connecticut if anyone needs someone to put their eagle eyes on it. See it here at Hunting Ridge Motors priced at $54,900.

BMW 3.0 CS

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  1. mark starr says:

    Thanks so much for the exposure and kind words!!!! I really appreciate it……..You did spell the name of my company wrong……..It’s HUNTING RIDGE MOTORS……..NOT HUNTINGTON

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