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General’s Fintail: ’63 Mercedes-Benz 220S

1963 Mercedes

We guess because we have a Mercedes-Benz Fintail that we rave about; readers tend to send us Finnies of similar potential. Potential is the key word here. We rarely see for sale a Mercedes-Benz W111, referred to here in the states as a Fintail and in Europe as a Heckflosse, in totally restored, drivable condition. Either the owners of said Finnies (like us) don’t want to part with them or there aren’t that many surviving examples. We believe owners don’t want to part with them. Here is a good one that has a similar story to ours. 1963 Mercedes Benz 220S DashIt was purchased by a Major General in the Army and brought home with him to Tyler, Texas. Unfortunately, as with many ads, key bits of information are missing like what kind of transmission does this one have? We hope it is a standard and it looks like it has a clutch pedal. But geez, it looks pretty solid and we love the color. It is the color of many of the factory rally cars during the 60s. The guys at Classic Motorsports restored their Fintail to this color. One can’t count on pictures but it almost looks like you can buff this one out and be presentable! The interior is pretty good too. The red is an interesting selection for a blue car but we have seen it before and it works. We can pretty much tell you that in no way will they get $17,500 for this Fintail even as nice as it is. Our suggestion, should you want to join the ranks of Fintail owners, is to get in touch with the seller and make your interest known. Then wait them out until they get a better sense of the market. Click here to contact the seller.1963 Mercedes Benz Fintail re

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