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Semi-retired: ’63 Jaguar XKE Racer

1963 Jaguar XKE

The most beautiful car ever designed looks good as a race car too. Today’s featured Jag is similar to the one we featured last week. Although this one is capable of being driven on the street. Wow! To be honest, we don’t know how truthful that statement is. It has a cut-down racing windscreen with no wipers and god knows what else you need to drive on the street. But the thought of doing it is kind of neat. 1963 Jaguar XKEThis is a beautiful car even in this state of trim. The dash looks reasonably intact and so does the exterior sheet metal. But the real news here is the mechanical modifications that made it go fast. Let’s just say the eBay listing has a multitude of racing words like ported, ground, balanced, shot-peened, and braided. Can you imagine taking this on a historic rally? Bring your ear muffs! The seller has owned the Jaguar for 31 years and rebuilt the beast in the 80s. It hasn’t been raced in 13 years therefore it will probably need some sorting before you head out. It has a vintage racing log book but we don’t know from where. Although this isn’t a turn-key racer, it is mighty close. If you have a little bit of Walter Mitty in you this could be just the ride you are looking for. Click here for the eBay listing.1963 Jaguar XKE

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