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Super II: Porsche 356B S90

1962 Porsche 356B S90

This S90 is being sold on behalf of the seller’s grandparents. They are the 4th owners of this Champagne Yellow 356B S90 and that is since 1983. It has a nice lived-in look and it also has lots of documentation since it was born. That is worth something in the Porsche world. 1962 Porsche 356B S90 The B has the black interior with factory headrests and that is pretty cool. The original engine was rebuilt in 2003 and runs smooth. We can’t evaluate the condition of the body from the few images in the ad but perhaps that is reflected in the price. They are asking $42,500 and that is sort of a reasonable price for a solid, good running S90 powered 356B. Interesting…contact the seller by clicking here.

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