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Streamliner: ’56 MGA Roadster

1956 MGA

Here at Mint we try to select interesting cars while recognizing the diverse tastes, interests and budgets of our readers. The decision to select one car over another may have to do with where it ranks in the collector car/special interest market or simply “we had one of those yesterday”.We review hundreds of ads/submissions each day. Some we scoot by very quickly for any number of reasons (poor photography the leading reason) and others capture our imagination immediately. 1956 MGAWhen we spotted this ’56 MGA, it just spoke to us. Well, anything British that still has an original interior signals something cool is afoot. The car is being sold by the son of the original owner so we are confident there will be many stories that go along with the car. It had a fender off respray and a rebuilt engine in 1984. The MGA has an original hard top included in the sale. There are some interesting extras included in the sale. The price is somewhat reasonable at $12,500. What a fun car an MGA is. This one is a blank canvas for the next owner. ANd hopefully the horrible rub strips will come off without damaging the finish. Click here for the listing.1956 MGA

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